Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Karapan Sapi (Bull Race), Madura, East Java, Indonesia

Once a year in the middle of October, at the land named Madura, there is a famous traditional event called Karapan Sapi which means a Bull Race. This event has attracted many tourists either domestic or foreigner each year. Stadion R. Soenarto Hadiwidjojo Pamekasan, is where the race usually take place. It is about 2 to 3 hours drive from Surabaya (through Jembatan Suramadu). For your information, Stadion means Stadium and the race start at 9 in the morning.


Do not ever think that you can sit under the roof, because that kind of place is only for government/ embassy representatives and of course bull’s owner. You have to deal with the crowd who speak in traditional language. I think some of them could speak in Bahasa, however, their accent is little bit hard to understand (this is only my opinion :p). Lots of local society attended this event, surely they made a bet which bull would be the winner (President's Cup race). The bulls raced very fast! So, I don’t have many pictures to share.


Bull’s jockey was just a kid. He controlled bull’s move and speed. Well, actually I have no idea what exactly he has done to the bull. -_-"
The saddest thing of this race for me is watching (how to say this?) bull’s ass pain. The jockey hit bull’s ass with pecut to make it faster and faster. From bull race to bloody race.*Sigh


That’s all folks. I close this story with some tips, hope it might be useful:
  1. Check the date and ticket price of the event by calling Kementerian Pariwisata, (I'm so sorry, I've lost the number);
  2. Arrive at least 1 hour before the event start. Considering the traffic condition, because there would be lots of government/ embassy representative’s bus plus their security;
  3. Things you should bring: umbrella, drinking water, snacks, camera, cash (not too much);
  4. Things you should wear: sun block, hat, sun glasses;
  5. Go to Pantai Lombang (Lombang Beach http://pratidinatri.blogspot.com/2011/10/pantai-lombang-lombang-beach-madura.html as soon as you’ve gotten bored with bull’s stuffs. :p


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