Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

Building Images of Department of Marine Transportation, ITS, Surabaya

It is started with this question:

How can we become the most respected ‘maritime’ university in ASEAN to work for in 2023?

On the path to become the most respected ‘maritime’ university in ASEAN ten years from now, building images of Department of Marine Transportation, ITS from several perspectives i.e. students, junior staff, senior staff and management/ project partners could be an imaginative leap into the future.

What would you like to accomplish with your study at ITS?

Students explored what would they like to accomplish study at ITS. As a result, knowledge improvement in the field of maritime transportation is the most common opinion came from this category. The more knowledge, the more they can contribute in maritime sector, especially in Indonesia. To support this intention, good facilities, make relationship with student’s union from foreign university, students exchange programme and scholarship are necessary needed.

What would you like your class to accomplish this year?

From junior staff perspectives which cope with student’s point of view, facilities improvement for both research and educating activities such as classes, hardware and software are need to be achieved, because they intend students aware of latest issues related to maritime transportation. Number of research title from students, in addition, has to be increase due to lab-based education programme in ITS. Considering the rising number of new students in Department of Marine Transportation, adding number of teaching staff is expected to fulfill the scarcity of lecturers this year.

What would you like your education program to accomplish this year?

Education programme to accomplish this year from senior staff’s view are improve research relevance to industry and publications (lab-based education), teaching methods improvements and better scheduled teaching activities as well, internship at ASEAN countries, joint supervision of student’s final project and the rest is powerful administrative staff and less bureaucratic. In this category, building images of ITS become more general than other perspectives. Thus, these lead into what would department to accomplish this year at management/ project partners level.

What would you like your department to accomplish this year?

Management considers public awareness about the education of marine transportation and curriculum improvements as important issues. Associated with project partners plan, for instance, advise on laboratory’s equipment, establish relationship with ITS, and linking or integrating maritime development/ policy with logistics, ports, hinterland connection and intermodal, the education of marine transportation would be expanded. Since Department of Marine Transportation is still a new in maritime sector, recognition at level of either International or National (accreditation) is essential to come by in order to sustain the objective to become the most respected ‘maritime’ university in ASEAN.


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